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Memorial Garden Details                   

Based on requests from Villa members to honor their deceased loved ones, the Villa built a memorial garden in the beachfront park late in 2016.  The large rocks in this garden are intended to provide a base to which bronze butterfly memorials could be mounted, providing an attractive, permanent location.

These bronze butterfly memorials are available for purchase from in Corpus Christi, Texas (800-511-5199).  The price is $247.95 with free shipping.  They are available in six background colors and can be viewed at:

When ordering them online, the “Installation Option” should be “Drilled and Tapped”, as no stakes are required.

You will input the balance of the information required on the order form about the deceased that will be cast into the bronze butterfly.

The only other cost is $35 for mounting the butterfly to the rock, which is payable when providing the butterfly to Mike Jablonski for installation.  Contact Mike if there are any questions about this process.


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